INSTRUMENT: Cello & GEWA cases


His very first tour drum kit, Christoph Schneider reveals, was a DW: the East-Berliner got the kit straight after the fall of the Berlin Wall at the beginning of the 1990s, meaning that the Rammstein drummer is no newcomer to DW! 2018 finally completes the circle: Drum Workshop welcomes Christoph Schneider as a new endorser.

Through his friendship with drummers like Thomas Lang and legendary drum-tech Rossi Rossberg, Christoph has never lost sight of DW.

At the end of 2017 – just before going into the studio with Rammstein in April 2018 – Christoph remembered hs very first tour drum set by DW, which had accompanied him in the early 1990s. Curious about DW’s current drums, and filled with good memories, Christoph was convinced by the sound quality of Drum Workshop drums when he visited GEWA in Adorf, Germany.

Then everything happened really quickly. Christoph decided upon his desired set-up: a DW Collector’s Series Jazz kit with maple/gum shells and chrome hardware – in dominating matte black to fit the style of Rammstein. Two snare drums, in Knurled Bronze and Purple Heart, stand out.

The truck was already packed for the new Rammstein album recording session – the DW drum set was the only thing that was missing.

The lacquer was barely dry when it was time for the drum kit to travel by aeroplane from America across the pond. As soon as it had landed, GEWA Artist Relations Manager Nico Nevermann and GEWA photographer Mandy Mellenthin put the drums on the road on the quickest route to the Rammstein headquarters in Berlin. Drum tech Rossi Rossberg was waiting there for the brand new kit and was ready to examine it with his legendary expertise.

The first test was with sticks: “Considering that the drums have almost come directly from a cold plane, it’s amazing what comes out!“, says Rossi, thrilled with the factory-tuned drums. Test? Passed! So Christoph Schneider didn’t miss the opportunity to take a closer look at his new DW drum set himself and was inspired by the first strokes on his new Custom set.

Christoph has already gone to Drum Workshop before for his drum hardware; Christoph depends on completely reliable hardware for the brutal, ingenious live shows with Rammstein.

DW Collector’s Series “Jazz“ kit with Maple/Gum shells

Matte black / chrome hardware

2 - 22 x 18 Kick

1 - 10 x 08 Tom

1 - 12 x 08 Tom

1 - 13 x 10 Tom

1 - 16 x 16 Floor Tom

1 - 18 x 16 Floor Tom

He also has the following snare drums in his new set up:

1 - 14 x 6 DW Collectors Purple Heart Snare

1 - 14 x 6 DW Collectors Edge Snare

1 - 14 x 6,5 DW Collectors Knurled Bronze Snare

1 - 12 x 5 DW Collectors Maple Snare

The set is rounded off with:

1 - Design Series Pancake Drum (20 x 2.5)

3 - Design Series Concert Toms (6 x 5 / 8 x 5 / 10 x 5)

In terms of hardware, Christoph also relies on the flagship series for stands and pedals (DW 9000 Hardware Series).

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